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🎉Congratulations on gaining your new Enterprise Client
Has your new client asked you to complete a supplier onboarding questionnaire?
😅Are you wondering how best to answer their cyber security and privacy questions?
🧠Benefit from my 25+ years of enterprise cyber security experience gained at GE, Barclays and as an independent consultant.
Subscribe to my cyber security sourcing answers database and get answers to satisfy their due diligence without freestlying, exaggerating (or fibbing!).
🔍Search and filter a library of common cyber security sourcing questions used globally by enterprise security teams.
🎯Get clear guidance on tailoring your answers to suit your circumstances. I also share insights on how enterprise clients typically score responses.
⚠️This lifetime database subscription service is only available to indie hackers, solopreneurs and bootstrapped companies

Database Subscription

** Pricing **Pricing is per named individual or bootstrapped company - lifetime subscription** Pre-launch price: €49 **
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Get notified on launch (Q2 '24).
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** Launch price: €99 **Database with at least 25 professionally developed answers** What about updates? **Subscribers can submit generic security questions (questions that all subscribers would benefit from) via a form, and each month, answers to the most popular questions will be developed.** Special Service **Did you know? Enterprise clients typically segment their many suppliers based on risk. In the unlikely event that you are designated a critical supplier, you may face enhanced supply chain due diligence, including audits against their security policy and your statements from prior questionnaire submissions.I offer a limited number of billable consulting calls to cover this scenario and for client-specific questions requiring expedited answers.


Thanks for your purchase!🏖️ At launch, I will notify you using your purchase email address.In the meantime, if you wish to submit any questions for me to answer in the database, please email me (my address is in your Lemon Squeezy payment confirmation).